Should the modern man have to fit into generic ‘off the shelf’ shoes or should the shoes be made to suit his individual style requirements and fit his uniquely shaped feet”?

The Banky sartorial brand was established in 2006 specializing in custom made, bespoke suits, shirts and jeans. Banky Footwear was born in 2014 to plug the gap in the market for high quality custom made men’s shoes.
Today’s modern discerning gentleman has a unique and individual style and a penchant for bespoke made-to-measure apparel and accessories and whilst custom made shoes has been accessible to high net worth and affluent individuals, our model provides a platform for competitively priced footwear.
Our shoes are individually styled, hand crafted and made to measure to suit the requirements of the man who knows precisely what he desires but recognises that generic mass-produced shoes do not satisfy his unique requirements.